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new class

i went to my first family2family class last night at nami. it was so cool and i'm really excited to be going. it is a class for families of people with mental illness. i think i'm the only one there for a spouse, mostly there are parents there for their kids. one guy has a brother that he is there for.
it was just the first of 12 classes and it was mostly "hi my name is..." and "this is what we will be covering...."
the one thing that really was nice was this page that had two columns. one had behaviors that will diminish as the illness progresses, and the other was behaviors that may increase. now, dude is pretty not severe, but it was so weird to go down the list and tick off so many things that can be attributed to his illness. i think it will help knowing the difference between what is the illness and not him being a jerk. there are so many things....
i know they won't go away, but at least i can say that i know he is not being mean on purpose.
he changed meds last week. it seems to be pretty good. he was taking something that was making him a zombie... and then something that tried to make him awake. but it made him more agitated and unhappy. so now he is trying something new. at least he is sleeping and waking up well.

other wise life is the same. things are pretty good. work is fine. just signed up for netflix. i'm pretty excited to get our first disks. i was trying to not load it up with too much classic who yet.

so thanks for listening.


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Feb. 10th, 2010 09:21 pm (UTC)
NAMI is an incredible organization. We've learned a lot about it here at work, and I love what they do. They have a lot of good ideas and provide assistance to help you deal with things. I love them. :O)
Feb. 10th, 2010 09:35 pm (UTC)
mee too now!
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