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i am feeling a little(ok, a lot) discouraged this morning. as i watch our country take the world economy down in flames because greedy unethical brokers and politicians were more concerned about filling their own pockets than the well being of the country i am hit with just how bad i see things. the country is on the verge of handing over the most powerful position to a man with ties to racists and terrorists, won't be open and honest about his dealings in college and early years "in the world", and who, as far as i can tell, wants to break the backs of small business, large business and and anyone else who has made good for themselves. then i hear that yet another couple in the very small church that we go to on and off, have split. that brings the total to 7 couples in 8 years or so.


i am so discouraged by the state of everything. is there no hope? is there no one willing to stand up for what is true and right and honest? all we ever see is the bad the ugly the dishonest. how am i supposed to keep going when all i see is a slide into a horrible world where the fascists have moved to the left, and if i do not agree with someones "lifestyle" or opinion i'm branded as racist and homophobic. never mind that i have friends of all races and orientations who allow me to have my own opinions. is this the world we want? is thins the "change" we are looking for? what about a world where individuals put others first? what about looking out for your neighbor, without the government mandating it? why do we need to segregate schools so that those with non-conformist views will feel better? huh? this is becoming a world that hates individuality, stifles independent thought and says that i am not able to tell what is best for myself and i need the government to take care of me cause i'm too ignorant and stupid to take care of myself.



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Oct. 10th, 2008 07:13 pm (UTC)
I love you I love you I love you.

As I tell qt3_14159 - it's all I got - but it's yours.
Oct. 10th, 2008 08:48 pm (UTC)
i know. thank you. i am just grieved. i will get over it and move on, as we all will. but the broken-ness will not make it any easier. for any of us.
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